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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Felicitations on the Abuja Writers' Forum Literary Contest

Dear Dr. Emman Shehu,

The Abuja Writers' Forum Literary Contest is the most diverse and far-reaching literary competition ever organized by a Nigerian literary group. The depth of thought and vision that has gone into the naming, coverage, and justification of the various prizes is unrivaled in the history of Nigerian literary awards.

By honoring and distinguishing Nigerian and African literature in such a grand style, you and your colleagues have etched your names on the diamond-plaque of our cultural history. You have fulfilled the prime objective of Professor Chinua Achebe's dream in founding the Association of Nigerian Authors' Awards, which was that those coming after him shall advance his vision and not abuse or corrupt it with greed.

Your very beautiful website ( is also the most representative of any Nigerian literary or cultural website to date! The profile image of a gaunt poet Gabriel Okara with an open book is evocative.

I pray for the survival and longevity of the AWF programs and awards. Most especially, I pray for the continued wisdom, initiative, and courage of the awards' organizers, sponsors, and patrons.

Thank you and congratulations a million times for an enviable leadership.


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