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Thursday, October 8, 2009


By Obiwu

Flagrant spirit
That helps us find a song.


  1. When I looked up the meaning for the title of the writing the definition I found for Agwu was “a Ibo deity.” The Ibo’s are a member of an indigenous black people of southeastern Nigeria, renowned as traders and for their art. The definition of deity is a god or goddess. To me this poem is a small ode to the religious ideas of some African people, saying how they inspired you with the stories of their mystic ideologies. – Kristen Denise Clemons

  2. Cardia Ridley

    This poem is very hopeful.I view this poem as inspirational.Even though it only has two lines, it still has a great meaning and has probably helped a lot of people. I personally think that the person has a good spirit even though he or she may be down and going through some things their spirit carries them through.

  3. I like this poem because it shows aspects of what determines your health and wellness which corresponds to the title of the poem. What i get from this short poem is that the expression of ones self introduces the soul to music and the creation of song. The flagrant spirit is a metaphor for saying the way the soul is expressed. It helps us find song because through soul we find our spirit to create music no matter what the creation. The song is created and can create a healing to the soul or it can hurt the souls essence so the rest of it grows wrought. Theres two sides to every coin, theres a Agwu to each form of expression and depending on the spirit it can be produced in a positive or negative way. So this poem has great meaning in what it says.
    by the way
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  4. The poem Agwu is a very strong poem. I think that this poem have lots of meaning to it. I believe, there is a person that is struggling with life and other things. So when the Flagrant spirit came to he or she it helped them start a new beginning, which the line in the poem stated {helps you find a song}.